Our mission

Facilitate the management of all types of associations and thereby contribute to a better future

Our team

Anton Verhasselt

I have been active in the soccer, scouts & swim club since I was 5 years old. With all this experience in association life, I want to help your organization.

Bérenger Stasse

I have worked in concert and festival organizations all my adult life. Let me help you organize your association events and optimize your workflows.

Sammy Colson

“Financial management is crucial for modern associations.”

Jos Donvil

“Association volunteers should be able to focus on the members.”

Jean Durand

“The member experience should be improving constantly.”

Dennis Vanderputten

“Collecting payments should be easy.”

Why did we start tribeforms?​

In march 2020, all associations needed to take extreme measures to stop the coronavirus. All these extra safety precautions created a lot of extra work for volunteers in soccer clubs, youth movements and all kinds of other organizations. On top of that came financial stress and problems due to the lack of income.

That is why we started tribeforms: We want to ease the work of your volunteers and create financially healthy associations.

"Volunteers aren't paid, not because they are worthless but because they are priceless."​​

Want to know what we can do for your association?​