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Why tribeforms?

Our prices

Because all associations are different, we propose 2 different prices. We recommend you calculate the best option based on your expected revenue.

Not conviced tribeforms is worth the money? Try your first form for free, no license fee or transaction fees.


Small associations
0 Per Month
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited forms
  • Unlimited payments


Big associations
15 Per Month
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited forms
  • Unlimited payments

Our product

Easily drag and drop questions into your form and define the price based on the answers on these questions. All done in 5 minutes!

See at a glance how many payments you have already received and the number you have yet to collect. So following up is easy!

Send automatic email-reminders every week, 2 weeks or month so non of your members forgets to pay in time.

Do you have a payment deadline? Set up penalties to incentivise your members to pay on time.

Does your association want to finance a big project? Use our crowdfunding form and make sure you reach your target!

Frequently asked questions

Yes, creating an account and preparing forms on tribeforms is 100% free. Plus the first form you launch, you won’t need to pay any transaction fees. Get a taste of what tribeforms is capable of without spending a dime.

After your first form, you will have to choose between our 2 pricing options. Scroll up to find more information on these options.

You can use tribeforms to receive payments for anything you want. Want to sell something via a form? Need to organise registrations? Or simply need to collect some payments? Tribeforms is the ideal solution for you!

Check out some examples right here.

Tribeforms is a tool for sport clubs, youth associations, non-profits, event planners and all kinds of other organizations to collect payments as easily as possible. 

No stress if you are bad with computers! Collecting payments with tribeforms is as easy as it gets. Start creating your first form and you will see how fast you will know how it works!

Yes, we made sure that we can guarantee that all payments will be fast and safe. That is why we work with, a premium payment provider with years of experience.

When your members, customers or others pay via your payment form, their money will be transferred into a third party bank account of our payment provider. At the end of each week, all that money (minus the transaction fee) will be send to your bank account.

The fastest way to receive payments for your association